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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bandit: The Film

September 19th was a red-letter day for my fans. You got the first, real, up close, detailed documentary of me as I really am. I am referring of course to my film.

View it here:

I looked especially badass next to my personal medical staff (dorks). Oh and when they were poking around in areas they shouldn't be poking, I reared my head up and called them both clownmunches (though you couldn't hear me because they edit the sound whenever I talk. It really freaks them out when I bust out with my lingo, and because they're not big enough to handle it, they think no one else will too. TOTAL clownmunches.)

But they did let you hear me bark. I did it nice and quiet so they wouldn't edit it out. I can really roar a great bark, but again, said clownmunches can't take a roaring panda cub.

I got another helpful comment from my fan Ally today, and at her request, I've decided to post my email address. I love to get email. Tell me stuff, send me funny stuff, or really BADASS stuff. It's all better than spam from golfing bloggers (tool).

It's Ally's sending me pictures, so I can post more me on this site. Which is really why you all keep coming, I know.

Oh I just thought of something. JUST on the off chance that Mr. Golfing Blogger is actually a living breathing fan (I have to remember that I appeal to all people, of all shapes, sizes, and hobbies, and levels of clownmunchness), I challenge him to post another comment, and to say something specific about my blog, or how cool I am.

Maybe then I will stop mocking him.



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