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Monday, August 29, 2005

Today Sucks

I'm so like, depressed in an uncool way. I overheard some of the servants talking about how I'd have to go "back" to China in two years. This sucks. This sucks like a broccoli milkshake.

They don't need me over there. What if they tried to eat me?! I mean, I could defend myself, no problem, but who wants to have hungry Chinamen chasing after them with chopsticks and woks? Such a downer.

Speaking of downers, Mom took away my copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It was the only video game I owned, yo. I know it's a few years old, and I don't even have a gaming system, but sometimes I'd climb on top of the game box and make driving noises and I'd pretend I was shooting ho's and stealing stuff. It was way cool and now I can't because MOM is handmaiden to THE MAN.

Here she is taking the game away from me. You can see I didn't let it go without a fight.

Today sucks. First, I find out I'll be getting deported when I hit the big 0-2, and then I lose my guilty pleasure--all in the same day.

Life is so rough at seven weeks old.


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Monica said...

Bandit, don't leave me!

Brian, you're a clownmunch. I think you're just jealous because you're not a panda too.


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