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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Clearing the Water

Ok, so I got this message this afternoon from annoyed fan dc2230:

Don't blame me for your crappy name. I wanted to name you LaVar Pandington. GO SKINS

Dude, even pandas can make mistakes. I was all pissed off when I first read this, 'cause I was like "why's this guy rippin' on my name, yo?"

But then I realized he wasn't ripping on Bandit, he thought I was blaming all my fans and the people of the world for the name choices, which I'm not, so I have to set the record straight.

To all my loyal fans:

I understand and respect your opinions. I never once thought you had anything to do with the rubbish FONZ cooked up for the naming contest. I am grateful to every one who voted for a name because I know you only had my best interests in mind. You knew I was going to get shackled with one of these monikers, and you cared enough to vote for a name that would suck less than the others.

Is'all good.

Everyone should know by now my opinion of the name Butterstick.

As for LaVar Pandington, it's kind of cool. I can dig a football name. And I'm a native Washingtonian, so of course I'm for the SKINS.

We're on the same page, dude (or babe, if you're one of my hot panda fans).

I think those renegade geckos are Cowboys fans.

My proof:


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